Virtual Meeting Tip


Video chat is helping us to stay employed and connected during this exceedingly challenging time.
But virtual meetings are so tiring – These tips will help to combat Zoom Doom and make video calls
less exhausting.

• Avoid back to back virtual meetings.
• Avoid multitasking.
• Build at least 15 minutes break between calls to stand up and move
• Switch off the camera in some meetings.
• As we don’t blink as much when we stare at a screen. Every 20 minutes take 20 seconds
to look at something 20 metres away.
• Hone some new animated ways to communicate. Smiling to encourage others, thumbs up,
nodding to show interest or stroking your chin to show your are thinking.
• Stand up for some meetings. If you can find a way to keep your camera stable and at eye level then this is a good way to mix things up.

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