Jenny Chika Okafor

Jenny is a lawyer, civil rights advocate, a socio-political critic, writer, lobbyist, business adviser and a committed charity and community volunteer.

She is a blogger and the founder of XRAY with Jenny Chika Okafor, a discussion platform about leadership, morality, equality, religion, consciousness and social justice around the globe with Africa as her main focus.

She is the founder of Nigerian Women in the Diaspora Leadership forum (NWIDLF). Jenny is currently concentrating on women and girls’ rights issues with the aim of assisting them in finding their places in society early in life without fear and minimum difficulties. She is working with friends and members of the Nigerian Women in Diaspora Leadership Forum (NWIDLF) to accomplish this vision.

Jenny has been mentoring and coaching for over 20 years, she has  inspire those who need it, get others to dream bigger than they ever thought possible, teach discipline to those who need it and make all feel like they belong to something bigger than themselves.